Life is Hard!

Life is hard to juggle sometimes. There’s always so much going on and so much you have to keep up with. School, work, social life, family, society and more! There’s only so may hours in a week and you have to keep up with everything. School takes up the majority of your time and your left with a few hours a day to keep everything else running. Work fills in a lot of your spare hours and then when you get home you still have to have a social life and keep up with the days events of your family members. When this is all done you still have homework to do which never seems to end. Finally, there’s society. I know we shouldn’t live to please society but, let’s be honest, who doesn’t try and keep society happy. Whether we intend to or not we all care what other people think of us and there are times of day where we sit down and really consider what people think of us!. Maybe not everyday but, we do think about it!. Sometimes it’s about the way we act, other times it’s the clothes we wear and other times it’s even the friends we have! We love them but, apparently there’s a ‘wrong’ social crowd to be in the idea of a ‘wrong’ group of people to be hanging out with scares us!. ‘Am I in the wrong crowd?’, ‘Do people like me?’, ‘Am I normal?’ we all ask ourselves these questions whether we like it or not and these are heavy questions!. These questions make us mentally and emotionally drained often as well as on top of everything else we have to think about!.

I guess sometimes, life is just hard!


I’m Sorry!

Hey Guys!

First of all I just want to say that I am so sorry for not writing on this blog for like a few months but, now it’s obvious I have commitment issues (Sorry future husband).

I really did enjoy writing on this blog but, it kind of got a bit too much for me to handle as I just had so much work to do.

However, I am back! If you can accept me back anyway.

I also have some news. I recently started another blog over at blogspot which I will link at the end of this post. That blog is very different to this blog as it is a book blog so I write reviews, give recommendations and I also give tips and advice which is unrelated to books, just so there is something a little different there. I post on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays so I hope you guys go and check that at.

As well as that other blog I will also be writing on here too so make sure to read my posts !

Okay, thats it for today
Bye xx

The Magic of the Story

I’ve always been a avid reader. Even from a very young age I would always be reading and writing and as a result I was entered for an Early Language Programme in my nursery. I guess books are my escape. There are places I can visit, characters I can befriend  and story lines I can fall in love with. I never really appreciated how much I truly love books and I never really understood how writing my own stories really helped me and affected my everyday life. I love the idea of making my fantasy a reality, even if it is on a page. I only noticed the other day that no one around me really experiences this and it surprised me. I understand  some people not wanting to write but, I grew up believing reading was a way of life and that everyone loved to escape into another world. I guess it’s not like that for everyone but, I think it’s sad that people have grown up without the same magic of books that I experienced and still experience.

You can’t judge and elephant on it’s ability to climb a tree !

I recently sat my AS level exams and it was a throughly life crushing experience to say the least. I have been so caught up in my exams and the future and what is going to happen if I fail that I forgot about right now. Yes, the future is important and you have to be prepared to tackle it with your best guns when it hits you right in the face but, you also have to appreciate the the life you have right now and how special that that life is. One of my best and most academically successful friends came out of her exam crying the other day because she messed up her timings and didn’t finish. She was so upset about it and you know what maybe she isn’t going to do as good as she could have done because of that mistake. Time restrictions on exams are ridiculous. I had to answer a 30 mark question in 20 minutes for one of my exams which was virtually impossible but , I got on with it. However, after all of that stress, annoyance and anger what am I going to get at the end of it ? A piece of paper with a few letters on it . Which is seen by many including myself as a life defining moment. Why should it be? We are more than just grades. We have personalities, friends and family, a heart and a bundle of memories. So, why should this one event, one piece of paper, one examiner that we don’t know define the rest of our lives for us? Truth is, if your strong enough, willing enough and put your whole heart into it , you can achieve whatever you want no matter what anyone says. I will be at my college as nervous as anyone else on results day but , I know I can achieve much more than whatever will be on that piece of paper. After all , you can’t judge and elephant on it’s ability to climb a tree.


*Side Note*

Hey Guys! I hope i’m not talking to myself here haha! Anyway ! Sorry for the lack of entries lately i’ve just had a lot to do with exams and what not but, I promise I will be writing here much more often and I would really appreciate all of your support, likes and comments ! Thanks x


Okay… as you may know if you’ve read my previous posts, you would know that next year is when I will be going to University. If not, you do now. I’ve started to think a lot more seriously about my future recently and I’ve started to really consider my options. University has always been something I have been striving for and now I’ve gotten to the stage where it’s time to make my choices about what I want to do and I’m not really sure it’s what I want to do anymore. I’ve always wanted to travel. It had been one of my dreams, goals even and I think that a gap year would be a really big step but, I think i’m ready for it. I feel like I could learn so much and grow as a person and mature if I went travelling. I don’t really know what I want to do as a career and I would feel terrible going to university to get a degree in something I don’t love and enjoy and have to pay thousands of pounds back for it. I think that travelling would make me feel like a much more accomplished, confident and mature person in the long run. Yes, academic success is important but, I think that you need REAL experiences in the REAL world before you can truly achieve that. You can hold as many much facts and information in your head as you like but, when it comes down to it you also need to know how to live and really make the most of your life. Both things are of the same amount of importance and I think you really need to consider what is of more importance to you as a person.

Some big decisions are coming fast and soon and it can be scary but, you need to really look at your life and discover for yourself what you want from your life and what you want to achieve. I guess the lesson in this post is don’t go with the flow if your not entirely happy with it and also don’t do what your friends are doing if you want to do something different.


Okay… Earlier on today I was thinking and sometimes that’s not always a great idea but, today it seems like my brain decided to function like a normal person and I actually got something out of it. I was randomly scrolling through Facebook not looking at anything in particular just completing a bored person action and overheard my mother telling my grandmother that someone they used to know had died. That’s when I thought. I realised that everyone friend that I have is going to grow up and people I know now may not be around me in a few years time. I have one year left in college and then everyone is going to go their separate ways. Some might go to university others might get a job and move away. These are people I’ve spent the most of my life with and suddenly I’m not going to be around them anymore, I’m not going to see the same faces pass me in the corridor everyday. Most people that I have spoken to have said “Oh I can’t wait to leave this place and never see these people again!”. I must admit I have thought this myself but, it’s going to be weird right? Not seeing the same faces everyday surrounded by people who know you and who you feel comfortable with.So, to keep some of this present life with me I decided to put a few photos and other random things together in a box from my school/college years so that in a few years if i’m feeling lonely or alone I can just look in that box and remember the good times when everyone had gotten over the bullying phase in their lives and everyone was just nice to each other and there was always someone that gave you a smile when you passed them in the corridor. These are the little things I hope don’t run out in my life.


It’s hard to believe sometimes that a 17 year old girl can feel so much stress on her. I am glad to say that I am a somewhat moderately happy person with a loving family but, sometimes everything does seem a bit too much. I am a perfectionist and it can be quite difficult to deal with that sometimes. I need everything to be perfect from the little things like my hair and make-up to huge things such as my exam results. These past couple of months I  have been feeling a huge amount of stress to do well in my upcoming AS- Levels from teachers and myself. University has always been the one thing I’ve been striving for ever since I was a little kid and the thought of having to go next year and the choices i’m going to have to make in that time is scarier and more stressful than I ever thought it would be.I guess you’re never given anything you can’t handle.